About your personal data


You are in a hotel owned by Accor-Pannonia Hotels Zrt. (HU 1013 Budapest, Krisztina krt. 41-43. 1st floor), an AccorInvest Group’s company, that acts as the data controller with respect to your personal data shared by you before, during and after your stay. This document explains you how this hotel is processing your personal data. By staying in this hotel which is operated under an Accor Group’s brand, you are also a valuable client of the Accor Group and as a result Accor S.A. (82 rue Henri Farman, 92130 Issy-les-Moulineaux – France) or its affiliated companies also process your personal data independently from the hotel. For more details regarding Accor’s activities please check out the dedicated section at the end of this document.


The hotel may process your personal data for the following purposes: ▪ the performance of the contract concluded with you, which includes the handling of your reservation, the performance of the hotel duties and services in relation with your stay and the issuance of the documents related to your reservation (invoices, payments confirmation, etc.), ▪ the compliance with applicable legal obligations imposed upon our hotel, which includes the calculation of taxes related to service fees paid by you at hotel and sharing some information upon a legal request with public authorities, ▪ the purposes of the legitimate interests that the hotel pursues, meaning: – the personalization of your stay based on your preferences and centre of interests and the improvement of your experience with the hotel (but the collection of sensitive data – e.g. an allergy or an health information required for spa services – will require your prior consent), – the management of the satisfaction surveys sent out after your stay and of the other feedbacks related to the hotel’s services to improve their quality and offer you a better stay in the future, – the management of the necessary security measures in the hotel, which includes magnetic cards and video monitoring, – the exercise or the defence of legal claims the hotel might face in relation to the provided services, – sending you electronic communications concerning this hotel’s products or services similar to those you previously contracted or subscribed with this hotel (subject to your right to object to such communications). Should such electronic communications concern another kind of products or services or when it is required by the applicable regulations, we will ask for your prior consent, – measure the hotel’s commercial activities and compile statistics.


The hotel may share your personal data internally and externally to the following recipients, if this is necessary to achieve the purposes specified above: ▪ the authorized employees of its different services, ▪ some service providers which process personal data on behalf of the hotel, ▪ the public authorities when legally required. Besides, because the hotel is also a part of the Accor Group’s network of hotels, the data related to your stays, preferences, satisfaction and, if the case may be, your loyalty program is shared with Accor and between the hotels of the Accor Group’s network of hotels to improve the quality of your stays in each of these hotels. You may at any time object to such sharing of your data as explained in the “Which rights?” section below. In some of the above-described occasions, your personal data might be transferred beyond the European Economic Area. In such case, appropriate legal safeguards are implemented in accordance with the regulation and the recommendations of European data protection authorities.


The hotel will process your data for the following time periods: ▪ the time period that corresponds to your use of the services provided by the hotel, ▪ the time period necessary for the hotel to comply with any applicable legal regulations and, if the case may be for the exercise or defence of legal claims, ▪ a time period of three (3) years after your last activity with the hotel for the processing related to marketing, personalization, improvement of your experience and satisfaction monitoring.


You have the right to: ▪ access to the personal data that the hotel has collected about you and request for data portability, ▪ make the hotel to rectify an information about you if it is not accurate, ▪ request that the hotel erases an information about you, ▪ object to a use of your personal data by the hotel when it is processed for legitimate interests (e.g. objection to receive hotel’s marketing communications or satisfaction surveys), ▪ obtain restriction of a processing, ▪ withdraw your consent (with no negative consequences for you) if such consent was needed for the collection of your personal data. To exercise one of these rights please send your request to the hotel at the following address: hu.gdpr@accorinvest.com. You also have the right to file a complaint with a data protection authority. At the same time, you have the right to object to the sharing of your personal data within the Accor Group. To exercise this right please visit the “Privacy and Security” section on https://help.accor.com


For more detailed information about the hotel processing activities, please refer to our Customer’s Privacy Policy available at https://www.accorinvest.com/data/ or contact us at hu.gdpr@accorinvest.com. You can also approach us at any time with the request to provide you with a copy of our Customer’s Privacy Policy. Do not hesitate to take a picture of this document if you want to keep a copy of it. Alternatively, you can also ask for a copy at the hotel front desk.


By staying in this hotel which is operated under an Accor Group’s brand, you are also a valuable client of the Accor Group and as a result Accor S.A. (82 rue Henri Farman, 92130 Issy-les-Moulineaux – France) or its affiliated companies also process your personal data independently from the hotel. In some cases (when you book through the “ALL” mobile application or through the all.accor.com website), Accor collects your data directly from you. In some other situations Accor indirectly collects your data through the hotel in which you are staying. In both cases, Accor uses your personal data for the purposes and with the protection measures detailed in the Accor Personal Data Protection Charter. You can access to the Accor Personal Data Protection Charter by visiting https://all.accor.com/information/legal/data-protection.en.shtml If you have any question regarding the processing of your personal data by Accor, you can also contact Accor’s Data Protection Officer at accorhotels.dpo@accor.com.